Upgrade, Service & Repair CNC Machines with Aftermarket.co.za

Our platform is powered by buythis.co.za and am.co.za and operates from our 6000m2 Headquarters in Sunnyrock, Germiston, Gauteng, as well as a network of warehouses throughout the east. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services, making it easier than ever to upgrade or repair their CNC machines and large format printers.

Our main warehouse in Sunnyrock serves as a hub for customers to pick up their orders, while our network of warehouses allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfil orders as we donthave stock at locally we bring it in form another within 5 to 7* workdays, ensuring that our customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

aftermarket cnc parts network

We don't work the rest, our network is the key.

Our headquarters in Sunny South Africa

Our 6000m2 warehouse in Sunnyrock, Germiston, Gauteng serves as the headquarters for our operation and is home to a vast array of products, including CNC Laser machines, digital printers, plasma cutters systems, and much more. Not only is Aftermarket.co.za the main warehouse for our online marketplace, but it also serves as the headquarters for buythis.co.za and am.co.za, two of our affiliated companies. In addition to supplying top-quality CNC machine parts we have a third affiliate company for CNC machine maintenance & repair – Machine.africa. The Machine Africa team of skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of repair and maintenance needs, from routine upkeep to more complex issues. We believe in providing our customers with complete and comprehensive support, which is why we have combined our products and services under one roof. So whether you need to buy a new digital printer or fiber laser cleaner, replace an air extractor, or have your CNC machine serviced – we have you covered.

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Our Specialist International Network

Aftermarket.co.za is proud to be part of an extensive network of warehouses in China and East Asia. Our network that has been built up over the course of our 15 years in the CNC machine industry.

This professional network gives our team in South Africa access to an array of CNC machine both aftermarket and OEM spare parts, modifications, upgrades, and even “manufacture on demand” services.

So If a product is not available in our local warehouse, we are able to receive it from our international network, ensuring that our customers have access to the parts and services they need, when they need them.

This robust network allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive and reliable service, and has become a key part of our commitment to delivering quality and convenience to the CNC machine industry in South Africa.

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