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Ink tube and PE tube are both types of tubes used for different purposes. Ink tubes are specifically designed for carrying ink in pens or printers, while PE tubes are made from polyethylene and are used for various applications such as packaging, medical supplies, or household items. Both tubes serve important functions in different industries.

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Product Details

Upgrade Your CNC System with Precision and Durability: Introducing the PE Ink Tube 4*3

Welcome to, your trusted destination for premium DIY CNC spare parts. We’re thrilled to introduce the PE Ink Tube 4*3, a versatile and high-quality component designed to enhance the performance of your CNC machinery.

Key Features:

Premium PE Material: Our PE Ink Tube is meticulously engineered using top-grade polyethylene material, ensuring remarkable durability and resistance to wear and tear. With this tube, you can rely on consistent performance in demanding CNC applications.

Optimal Dimensions: The 4*3 size of this ink tube is carefully calibrated to fit seamlessly with a wide range of CNC systems. Its precise dimensions guarantee a secure connection, allowing for efficient ink flow and dependable results in your CNC projects.


Ink Tube
Printing Type
Inkjet Printer
PE Tube

Versatile Compatibility: The PE Ink Tube 4*3 is designed to accommodate various CNC machines, making it a versatile choice for your DIY CNC applications. Whether you’re involved in CNC engraving, cutting, or 3D printing, this tube’s adaptability makes it an excellent addition to your setup.

Smooth and Reliable Ink Flow: With a smooth interior surface, this ink tube promotes uninterrupted ink flow, reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring precision in your CNC tasks. Say goodbye to uneven or inconsistent results and welcome flawless prints and engravings.

UV and Chemical Resistance: The PE material used in this ink tube is resistant to UV exposure and chemical interactions, ensuring it remains durable and reliable even in challenging working environments.

Why Choose

At, we are committed to providing superior CNC spare parts to enhance your DIY CNC endeavors. We understand the significance of precision, reliability, and durability in your CNC projects.

Upgrade your CNC machine with the PE Ink Tube 4*3 and experience the difference in ink flow consistency and long-lasting performance. Whether you are a seasoned CNC professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this tube is tailored to meet your CNC requirements.

Unlock the potential of your CNC system with Order the PE Ink Tube 4*3 today to elevate your CNC projects. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you are investing in a product that consistently delivers outstanding results. Don’t compromise on precision; choose for all your DIY CNC spare part needs.


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